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Finding the “Sweet Spot” in Dental Sedation

Though you’ve probably heard of dental sedation, you may not know some specific details surrounding it. One of the most crucial of them is dosage. If your dentist gives you too little or too much medication, you won’t be as satisfied with the service at the end of the appointment. We explain why and provide some tips on avoiding this trap in the sections below.

The Dangers of Too Little Sedative
There are many excellent reasons to explore dental sedation. Among the most common are anxiety, low pain tolerance, and lengthy procedures. Whatever your issue is, you need an ample amount of medication to receive all of the sedation benefits that you seek. The following are some of the consequences associated with too little sedative.

Pain - One of the best reason to use sedation is to lessen pain. Unfortunately, a dose that is too small will not give you this benefit. You’ll instead feel almost as much discomfort as you would without the medication.

Fear - Another reason people use sedation is…