Most Common Reasons for a Toothache

Most of us have experienced a toothache at some point. It can range from being a source of minor discomfort to extreme pain. A toothache is the most common dental ailment, and the top reason why people visit the dentist’s office.
The causes of a toothache can be many, and sometimes it may not be easy to identify the real cause. While most people assume that a cavity is the main culprit, in reality, there could be many reasons behind a toothache, and many of these are treatable. In this post, our St. Louis sedation dentist will discuss the top reasons for a toothache.

Erupting wisdom tooth

When wisdom teeth start crowning or even if they have already crowned, they can create teeth misalignment and push against other teeth. This can put pressure on the gums and jaws. In many cases, orthodontic treatment or wisdom tooth removal is required.
Sinus infection
A sinus infection or nasal congestion related tenderness in upper jaw can cause teeth pain.

Sensitive Teeth

Sharp tooth pain when eating cold or hot foods means you have sensitive teeth. It can be because of weakening tooth enamel or a receding gum line. 

Poor dental hygiene
Failing to maintain a proper oral hygiene routine can cause pain in the short term and also long term damage. It is therefore important to brush twice daily and floss daily to remove pain causing plaque. Make sure not to brush your teeth too vigorously or with too much pressure.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is a leading cause of constant tenderness in the moth area and bleeding gums. This often leads to teeth pain. 

Tooth injuries or fractures
Fracturing, damaging or even chipping a tooth can cause serious tooth ache. You may need dental crowns or filling to treat these dental injuries.
Damaged tooth fillings
If your dental filling become dislodged or damaged, it can expose the sensitive part of the tooth to food, drinks and temperatures, and result in sharp pains.

Abscessed tooth

This is a painful infection near the tooth’s root, which damages the outer layer of the tooth enamel and exposes the sensitive part of the tooth, causing pain. 

Teeth Grinding

Those who subconsciously grind their teeth while sleeping can suffer from a toothache. The friction between teeth, jaw, mouth and neck muscles can cause pain. 

Tooth decay
Among the top causes of toothache is tooth decay, which is an extremely common problem that affects most people at some point. It is difficult to identify tooth decay until it develops into a cavity. You can reverse the damage by consulting a dentist as soon as you start experiencing any symptoms of tooth decay. A cavity filling is a simple procedure that can help in most cases.
Suffering from toothache but scared of the dentist’s chair? 
Fear no more. Schedule an appointment with our St. Louis sedation dentists and enjoy pain and discomfort free dental treatment. Call (314) 862-7844 today!

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