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St. Louis Sedation Dentist Discusses Dental Crowns

A dental crown strengthens the tooth and enhances its performance. Nowadays, a wide variety of dental crowns are available . They cover the visible parts of the tooth and perform many different functions. In this post, our St. Louis sedation dentist will share some facts about dental crowns. A Dental Crown A dental crown is a tiny structure which is placed on top of a damaged tooth. It is used to restore the lost tooth structure. It helps to get back the full form of the tooth and enables it to perform its functions. It is also known as a 'cap'. A crown gives strength to the tooth. It is used when there are cracks and large broken-down fillings or when root canal has been performed. Types Of Dental Crowns Dental crowns are made from different materials. They have different forms and functions. The most common type of crown is the PFM or porcelain fused to high-noble metal. A gold crown is a full cast high noble metal crown. A stainless steel cro

Most Common Reasons for a Toothache

Most of us have experienced a toothache at some point. It can range from being a source of minor discomfort to extreme pain. A toothache is the most common dental ailment, and the top reason why people visit the dentist’s office. The causes of a toothache can be many, and sometimes it may not be easy to identify the real cause. While most people assume that a cavity is the main culprit, in reality, there could be many reasons behind a toothache, and many of these are treatable. In this post, our St. Louis sedation dentist will discuss the top reasons for a toothache. Erupting wisdom tooth When wisdom teeth start crowning or even if they have already crowned, they can create teeth misalignment and push against other teeth. This can put pressure on the gums and jaws. In many cases, orthodontic treatment or wisdom tooth removal is required. Sinus infection A sinus infection or nasal congestion related tenderness in upper jaw can cause teeth pain. Sensitive Teeth