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What is Sedation Dentistry? - St. Louis, MO Dental Sedation

Dentistry has changed significantly over the past decade. Just as the medical community has realized that there is no reason for a patient to suffer needlessly, the dentistry field has hopped on the same bandwagon. Many adults who have been avoiding the dentist due to traumatic experiences earlier in life can breathe easy and visit the dentist once again. There are several ways that you can sit comfortably and anxiety-free in the dentist’s chair without feeling the pain of the past. There are many sedation methods that are available for someone who is either looking at extensive and painful dental procedures, or a patient who is nervous about getting a cleaning. Sedation dentistry may sound a little intimidating to the average layperson, but there is nothing “intimidating” about it. Many sedation practices are not only safe; they are totally warranted and accepted. Although sedation gets a bad reputation for being dangerous and coming with all sorts of side effects, there