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3 Reasons You May Want to Replace Your Child's Sippy Cup

Sippy cups are a great way of introducing water in your infant's diet, helping them transition smoothly from the baby bottle or exclusive breastfeeding. Many parents are delighted with the convenience of giving liquids in a sippy cup. Not only that children usually accept them quickly, but they also don't spill easily. Not to mention, sippy cups look cute and colorful. But, according to dentists, this type of cups should come with a warning sign. They can cause so much damage to your child's oral health that you should reconsider the way you use it. Sippy Cups and the Extensive Damage They Can Cause Several ways of using the sippy cup can lead to extensive damages, warn St. Louis pediatric dentists . To make matter worse, parents usually combine these methods, unaware of the dangers sippy cups pose to their kids’ oral health. Most of them are surprised when they find out that the benign cup is to blame for cavities or crooked teeth. Here's how you may be damagin