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The Types and Strengths of Dental Sedation

For those who have no trouble going to the dentist, dental sedation might seem silly and unnecessary. For others, who are affected by dental anxiety or low pain tolerance, it might be their only shot at getting the dental care they need. For this reason, St. Louis sedation dentistry is an industry on the rise. Despite its growth in popularity, there is still a lot of misinformation about it. Many people think that it involves going “to sleep”entirely for your procedure, but this is likely not the case. Below, we explain the two types of sedation and the differences between low, medium, and high doses. Oral Vs. IV There are typically two ways patients are sedated for their dental appointments and procedures. The first is a bit “old school,” and is becoming increasingly less frequent. This method is intravenous (IV). IV sedation is given by injecting a sedative into the arm of the patient. Though it is perfectly safe and effective, the way it is administered is not preferred