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Will My Insurance Cover Sedation Dentistry?

People that are excited to go to the dentist are like unicorns: some claim that they exist, but no one has seen one in real life. And, understandably so. What can be so exciting about having to sit for hours on end in an uncomfortable position while someone uses scary-looking utensils to fix your teeth? Add fear into the mix or a lightheaded feeling whenever you see a needle, and you can see why so many people postpone going to the dentist as long as possible. That’s where sedation dentistry can be of great help. Whether it's minimal, moderate, deep or general anesthesia , sedation can help you get the treatment you need if you are afraid of the dentist or have to sit for long hours through complex procedures. Talk with your St. Louis sedation dentist to determine which course of treatment best suits your needs. However, here's a good question: does your insurance cover sedation dentistry or do you have to pay out of your pocket? Types of Sedation Dentistry Before

Do Lip and Tongue Piercings Damage Teeth?

When it comes to showing your affinity for a sub-culture, piercings and tattoos are among the strongest statements one can make. Not to mention, they often give a person a boost of self-confidence. Unfortunately, tattoos or piercings can go wrong, especially if the person who does the operation is inexperienced, hygiene norms are not followed or the person getting them doesn’t care for them well enough. When it comes to piercings, they are even less well taken by the body, even if the procedure is done correctly and the maintenance is perfect. What Are the Side Effects of Lip and Tongue Piercings? Opinions are very different when it comes to oral piercings and the harm they can do. Most people think that tongue and lip piercings are bad for your teeth and gums. But is it a myth or a reality? We have researched medical evidence and statement to gather enough information on this subject. Here is what we found out. Having a lip or tongue piercing can